Hotels Near Bolton Abbey : North Yorkshire

Hotels Near Bolton Abbey

January 2, 2017
Changzhou Chunting Hotel
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... it! You have to commit and go for it apparently!! Anyway, got a train and two planes to go before we get there! I really enjoyed writing my blog when we went to Sri Lanka and a lot of you said you enjoyed reading it so that's why I'm doing it again! Hopefully the wifi will be good throughout the trip so I can update you all on our Asian adventure! Kirsty ...

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... right next to the grammar school, and were offering their rugby field as an exchange. You guessed it, there wasn't much choice in the matter - the exchange took place and the cricket club moved - that happened within Dennis' memory, so if and when the Waltons from the 1800s played cricket, it would have been right next to the school. I've emailed the Knaresborough Cricket Club to see if they have any archives - you never know.

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... found one of the Castle Mills, so I have a copy of it.
I rocked up to Byard's Lodge and found a family in the middle of their moving day!! They moved out today! What perfect timing!!! They said Byard's Lodge was split into two in 1986 and a new extension made two dwellings feasible. The front part, which is still called Byard's Lodge was owned by a couple with 2 sons - when the parents both died, the two sons were in conflict over the property and it has been empty for ...

I am writing this so long after the event that it feels somewhat unreal but I recall that it was only a short drive from Knaresborough to Bolton Abbey, which is not really a place more a collection of ancient Abbey buildings, an hotel and some tourist cafes, all sited beside the delightful river Wharfe. I know the area well because it is around there that my mother's family lived and I still have three sets of cousins in the area.

Maggie took me to visit her lovely daughter Clare and meet my extended family. We took Clare's two girls, Izzy and Lulu to Bolton Abby. Which was just stunning. Amazing big old building, and we had a great time wandering along the welly walk which has activities and toys to play ...

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