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Play Zuma Deluxe free for online

December 29, 2018

It's time to try your hand at Zuma’s Revenge (Revenge). The game is one of the versions of the world-famous and beloved by many Zums. The content remains the same: the frog lets out multi-colored balls, and the player has to break the chain, creating combinations of three or more colors of the spheres. The new version of entertainment is different from its predecessor, not only an improved bonus system, but also improved graphics.

While playing, you will notice that each transition to another level is accompanied by new frog possibilities. The machine gunner manages to mix from one place to another, and to shoot not only with balls, but also with other projectiles characterized by different properties. As a hint to the player, the image of the next projectile will be visible on the frog's head.

As for the musical accompaniment, the effects are the same as in the standard version. Plus, you can always use the function “remove the sound” in order not to be distracted by extraneous effects during the game.

The bonuses in Zuma's Revenge or how I call it Revenge Zuma have become more diverse, and therefore the player has every chance to win!

Zumas Revenge - One of the best variations of the legendary kazualki. The menu greets us with a funny image of the familiar characters of the game and the classic location.

In the menu you can immediately start the main game mode, see the table of records and points earned, or turn off the music. There are also two more modes, but unfortunately, they are only available in the full version, which can be purchased if you really like the basic gameplay mode.

At the start of the game, the gameplay itself is clearly shown, this will be very useful for new players who have not previously encountered this direction of casuals. In addition, there are detailed bonuses, among which there are, both classic migrated from the epic classic Zuma, as well as new ones, but in no way inferior in terms of benefits to the gameplay. Here there are standard, such as freezing the chain, reverse the lapel, which will give the opportunity to gain time and assess the situation without critical haste. Sniper scope allows you to select any ball to tear the familiar moving chain. And also a bursting super-shock, consisting of three balls at once, will greatly help in a difficult situation, which at first glance seems hopeless.

Zuma Deluxe is a very nice game

The game is very easy to navigate, at the top left is the number of points you scored, in the middle is the progress bar, which you can roughly measure how long the chain waits for you in the future, and on the right is a button in the menu. You can click it at any time to take a break and reflect on the following actions if you see the game go into a dead corner. At the bottom left is the number of remaining lives in the form of standard toads, and on the right is the number of the current level. It is necessary to closely monitor the number of toads, because if they are fully spent, then the end of your adventures in this amazing kazualka will come and your achievements will be put in the table of records.

Zuma Deluxe. Play and Enjoy!

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The first level meets the player with colorful graphics, a very friendly interface and suitable music for casual genre. A very successful combination, this is added to all this already familiar to all gameplay. The game from the first level is not greedy for bonuses and reveals its potential, fueling interest. Try to think over complex combinations in order to get as many points as possible and add your name to the highscore table. After each round, detailed statistics are displayed on the screen, which show the progress made on the location passed. The maximum combo, the maximum number of combinations, fruits collected throughout the level, the best time for which other players were able to pass this location, the time for which you were able to pass, the number of bonuses, the number of additional points received for your progress.

And at the very bottom everything is summed up and reduced to one general statistic. Instead of the standard bonus coins in this version are fruits, but the meaning of their receipt remains the same as in other versions. Usually they are located in hard-to-reach places and hide behind a moving chain so that the player cannot easily get them. Bonuses in the form of sniper sights, or dexterity and quickness of reaction, come to the rescue in order to break the necessary part of the chain in time until the cherished fruit has disappeared. It is worth noting that the game just can not be called monotonous, the abundance of different locations does not get bored. Here and classic landscapes, and overgrown jungle, and sunny desert, and a dark dungeon.

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