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New Years Eve North Yorkshire

September 5, 2018
Bounce Shoreditch New Years

2016The emergency services and partner agencies are still responding to the flooding situation, and while it is improving, there is still a lot of work to be done and all agencies continue to work hard to get the city moving and working as normally as can be expected.

The City of York Council teams have worked round the clock to clear roads and as a result the main networks are now open. However, any paths and roads which have 'closed' signs on them should not be used. They may not have flood water on them but they may still have silt or debris on them.

The river levels remain above normal and anyone out and about in the city should be cautious and keep away from the river and the areas that have yet to be cleaned.

Freezing conditions are forecast overnight on New Year's Eve making wet ground and driving conditions potentially more hazardous.

North Yorkshire Police will have extra patrols deployed in the city and want you to enjoy the evening, but ask that you please stay with your friends, take care when you're walking around the city and don't drink so much that you are not in control of your actions.

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Ken McIntosh, said: "Over the last few days we have seen what fantastic people live and work in York. It's a great city with great people who can be rightly proud of themselves. Celebrate the New Year in the way you have responded to the floods over the past few days and we will not have any problems. Whether you are out and about or having a quiet night in, please look after each other, the vulnerable and the elderly, but above all, enjoy yourselves, you all deserve it.

"I have a clear message to anyone intent on causing trouble or spoiling the night for others, please don't, we won't tolerate it and will take firm action against trouble makers and those who put others' lives in danger."

Jane Mowat, Head of Community Safety at City of York Council, said: "We have been overwhelmed by the response from both businesses and members of the public who have offered their time, donations and financial assistance to give relief to the people directly affected and the communities around them this week. We still need to remain cautious though and we urge everyone to look out for each other during the New Year's Eve celebrations. Some areas of York are still flooded or affected by flood water. We want everyone to enjoy themselves but drink sensibly and to take care, especially when walking in York, particularly near the rivers."

To keep up to date with the latest flood warnings and alerts, please visit

You can also follow @EnvAgencyYNE and #floodaware on Twitter for the latest updates. Or call the Floodline on 03.

If you need to contact North Yorkshire Police for non-emergency matters, please call our temporary non-emergency line 82.

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