Flamingo Land Hotel : North Yorkshire

Flamingo Land Hotel

July 6, 2017
Boston Lodge(LP7404)

The zoo has more than 120 species of reptiles, mammals and birds, including lions, tapirs, sea lions, baboons, hippos, kangaroos, monkeys, tigers, emus, parrots, penguins, pythons, frogs, tortoises and, of course, flamingos. A number are part of international breeding programmes which are helping to preserve endangered populations. Kids will also love the Muddy Duck Farm, home to cows, ducks, rabbits, ponies and more.

The park has a special commitment to flamingos, which face many threats in the wild, from habitat loss to pollution, and makes annual donations to conservation projects. Several staff members are also involved with important flamingo conservation groups. The zoo also supports a conservation, research and education project in Tanzania’s Udzungwa forest.

There are a wide variety of experiences on offer at the zoo, including the Penguin Experience where you get to help the zoo keeper feed the birds, the Bird Display Encounter where you’ll handle a barn owl and help with training exercises, and the Be A Zookeeper and Animal Trainer Experiences where you get to help staff with their duties. There are also daily talks and meet-a-creature sessions, as well as educational activities for schools and community groups.

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